Custom Granite Memorial And Vancouver Memorial Headstone

about how to care for a billion-year-old piece of stone? Don’t! People need to be gentle in Vancouver Memorial Headstone

Since 1909, we’ve been working out of the same place in Vancouver. Over seven generations, we’ve learned how to do our job better. In order to make high-quality Grave Markers, Black Granite Monuments, Bronze

Markers, Cemetery Headstones, Vancouver Memorial Headstones

Our skilled craftsmen will work with you to help you remember your loved one. We source and select only the best monumental grade granite from quarries both in the United States and around the world.

In the long run, organic debris builds upon the stone and can get into the lettering and artwork. This can make it hard to read at times. If you follow these simple steps a few times a year, your memorial will last for years to come.

Simple Green should be mixed with warm water before you use it on the granite.

If you use harsh chemicals or abrasives on the granite surface, you must not do so anywhere on the surface. We like “Simple Green” because it is a non-toxic, biodegradable cleaner that doesn’t use bleach or strong chemicals.

People who make good things in Vancouver Memorial Headstones

memorial headstones are known for their knowledge, trust, craftsmanship, and quality. Larsen takes great pride in making headstones that are as unique as the people they honor. They use the best granite available and do not settle for anything less than the best work in everything they do. There’s a Larsen’s Difference.

People who make good things and do things the right way

Larsen goes above and beyond the industry standard by pinning all of our upright memorials. To keep your loved one’s memorial from being damaged in a costly and unnecessary way, you need to pin down the foundation.

People who make good things and do things the right way

THE LEFT IS LARSEN’S LETTERING (35 years old) in Vancouver Memorial Headstones
Improperly Engraved Marker on the right (17 years old).

Different types of granite need different methods of lettering in order to be built properly. People who know about Larsen’s work and take extra care make the difference between a high-quality monument and one that is less so. Take a look at the older parts of a cemetery, and you can see how well-labeled monuments stay visible and easy to read.

Our Upright Granite Memorials are made right here in Winnipeg with the best materials. Elegant, eye-catching uprights are a beautiful way to remember your loved one. Choose from one of our beautiful designs, or have one of our designers come up with a unique design just for you.

There are a lot of things that can be added to a memorial, both during and after it is built. These include crucifixes and other religious symbols, vases and flowers, lamps and solar lights, statues, urns, and many more. Here is a list of the most common things you can buy for a memorial:.

There are candle boxes.

Most people choose granite candle boxes, lamps, books, and vases to go with any monument. People can buy candle boxes, lamps, books, and vases in a wide range of sizes and finishes, and they can be made from any of the granites that we have.


Lamps are a great choice for outdoor ceremonies because they are usually waterproof and keep the candle from being blown out by the wind. They come in both bronze and granite. There are a lot of different sizes and finishes to choose from. In many ceremonies, lamps are a good choice because they look good and they are easy to use.

Urns for cremation.

Marble and granite are natural stone materials that can be used to make your own custom urn. This means that each memorial piece is unique because it is made by hand. You and your family will be able to remember your loved one for many years to come thanks to the beauty of natural stone and skilled work.


In a wide range of sizes and shapes. If you want to use a vase, you can leave it on the ground or put it on a shelf. Each vase shows off the natural beauty of the stone and is a great addition to any memorial. Because we make each one by hand, every vase or urn we make is unique. We have a lot of stone samples at our factory, so you can choose the stone for your urn or vase there. This way, you can choose the stone in person.

They are made out of ceramic in Vancouver Memorial Headstones.

Placing a ceramic picture of your loved one on their headstone or memorial adds a personal touch and makes it a place for friends and relatives to think about their lives. Doing this is a lovely tradition that has been going on for hundreds of years and is still going on today. It’s still as popular as it was many centuries ago.

Crucified & crossed items.

Religious symbols, like crucifixes and crosses, can be a good addition to a monument or ceremony. They come in a wide range of sizes and materials, so they can be used by people of all faiths. more.

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