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Crochet mouse comforters

Crochet mouse comforters

The cotton yarn has more than one trick up its sleeve with this string of little crocheted mice. Don’t delay any longer to get to the position. Also Read: Snake Coloring Pages

Crochet is a DIY technique that creates a sensation for your decoration as well as for your accessories.

Crochet is trendy

 No more clichés of outdated objects piled up on grandma’s shelves… Crocheting is trendy, and you can’t get enough of it! Storage basket, articulated silhouette, Doudou for children, or pineapple crochet bag, on the site of Marie Claire ideas, the achievements are not lacking. The crochet is also easy. Do it yourself for all hands looking for a quick and simple creation to start. It’s up to you to find the creation that fits you nicely.

Create crochet figurines

With Marlène Hurtrait’s explanations, make an adorable family of little crochet and wire mice decorate your interior, and create little skits to put under a bell jar or to frame. Customize their clothes by finding scraps of fabric at the bottom of your drawers and personalize each family member. To dress up your crochet mice, download the family clothes pattern here! This crochet creation is not a toy for children, as the body parts contain pieces of wire, which could be dangerous for curious toddlers. However, if you want to be able to offer them to children, remember to remove the wire from your list of materials during your realization.


grandpa mouse

  • The waistcoat: use a textile marker to mark the waistcoat pattern on the back of the fabric of your choice. Cut 0.5 cm from the line. Hand sews a 0.5 cm hem all around the piece. Open the slits with scissors. Sew a snap on the front.
  • Cut a bow tie out of thick gold paper and glue it to the front of the cardigan.
  • Shape a piece of gold wire for the glasses and attach them to the mouse’s nose with a few glue dots.

Grandma mouse

  • The dress: trace and cut a 14 x 14 cm rectangle on the back of the fabric of your choice. Hand sews a 0.5 cm hem all around the piece. Fold the rectangle in half and sew the long edges together. Sew a snap on the back of the rectangle to close the dress.
  • The shawl: cut a 15 x 8 cm rectangle in the fabric of your choice—hem as before. Run a gathering yarn over one length of the rectangle. Gather by adjusting the size of the mouse.
  • Fold in half, right sides together, sew the back halfway up. Return to the place, and sew a press stud at the top of the back.
  • Make glasses like the grandpas.

daddy mouse

  • Overalls: transfer the pattern twice to the fabric of your choice. Cut 0.5 cm from the line. Assemble the 2 parts, the right sides. Go back. Hem the waistband and lower legs by hand. Sew 2 strips cut from a silver ribbon.

mom mouse

  • The dress: cut an 18 x 12 cm rectangle in the fabric of your choice. Make the same assembly as for Grandma Mouse’s shawl.

Mouse girl

  • The skirt: cut a rectangle of 16 x 10 cm in the fabric of your choice. And make a montage for the shawl of Grandma Mouse.
  • Sew 2 strips cut from gold ribbon, crossing them at the back. Adjust the height on the mouse and make the hem.

mouse son

  • The bandana: cut a small triangle in a fabric of your choice, fray the edges with the tip of a pin and tie the bandana around the mouse’s neck.

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