Building Homes In Bahamas After A Hurricane

Hurricanes are most common in the countries near the ocean. It is a natural disaster strong enough to blow off an entire property in a few seconds. Apart from structural damages, millions of people end up losing their life. Usually, the countries like the Bahamas, located near the Caribbean sea, are potentially at risk.

What is a hurricane?

Hurricanes, cyclones, and typhoons are the types of tropical storms. They are low-pressure weather systems. An average height of a hurricane is 10 feet, and the average width is 500 meters. Hurricanes can destroy more than 75% of properties in a single go.

Impact of a hurricane on the Bahamas

Despite being a beautiful place, hurricanes are a regular visitor in the Bahamas. The impacts of hurricanes on the Bahamas are quite disturbing. Also, the hurricanes are strong enough to swipe the entire land.

Rebuilding Home In After Hurricane

It is important to immediately think of the best possible ways to reconstruct a property after a hurricane. Here are a few things you must consider while reconstructing your home.

  1. Decide whether your home is habitable

Evaluating the value of the place for reconstruction after a hurricane is important. If the place seems inhabitable, claim your insurance amount. Yes, it is easy to claim the insurance amount if the place is inhabitable after the hurricane.

  1. Get in touch with your mortgage company

Mortgage companies provide insurance benefits against natural disasters like hurricanes and cyclones. Insurance can be claimed if the damaged property results from a natural disaster. The insurance company will cover all the extra construction expenses of the property.

However, the amount of reconstruction depends on the type of policy selected by the landowner. The coverage purchased by the owner plays an important role in claiming the insurance too.

  1. Go for disaster relief options

Hurricanes are something that a person cannot control. Every state has some disaster relief policies to reduce loss. For instance, the Bahamas are wealthy, and the government helps the Bahamians. Every state has some disaster relief policies to reduce loss.

  1. Low-interest loans

The government officials of many countries announce the availability of home homes. These loans are low-interest loans and are only available for disaster victims. It is best to go for low-interest homes. The loan is liable for the property damage up to $240,000.

  1. Begin Rebuilding

Once the loan and mortgage are managed, it is advised to begin the construction as soon as possible. But this time, getting a licensed contractor for your home’s rebuilding is recommended.

Enlist the types of material required to build a strong and disaster-proof home. Keeping these things in mind will prevent you from repeating the same mistakes:

  • Hurricane-Proof Upgrades

During the reconstruction, it is best to adapt the techniques and methods helpful in building a disaster-proof place. Make changes to the basic and structural looks of the damaged place.

  • Change Roof Tile Raw Material

The roof plays an essential part in maintaining the strength of a place. The material chosen to rebuild the roof must be hurricane-resistant. For instance, a slate tile roof can help make a place hurricane resistant.

Slate tiles are made of sedimentary rock. These tiles may require regular maintenance to maintain their durability.

  • Circular structure

The structure of a place contributes to the protection and destruction of a place. Nobody can change the bygones. However, while reconstructing a place, circular structure plays an essential role. According to research, rounded homes resist storms and stand still during hurricanes.

The rounded building structures’ surface area is less, meaning they need less building material. In addition, they are also weather-resistant and strong enough to protect a place against any disaster.

  • Reduce the rectangular edges

Cornered edges make it easier for the disaster to destroy a place without much effort. Properties with rounded structures have minimal chance of being destroyed by hurricanes.

Apart from hurricanes, this structure is also great in resisting Earthquakes and cyclones.

  • Use concrete

Building a home or a property does not cost a few dollars to reconstruct. Selecting and combining the parameters to build a weather-proof property is better. It will help in reducing the overhead cost.

The use of concrete is a simple and cost-effective way to go while rebuilding a place after a hurricane. Besides being strong, the concrete is the best in resisting the water. Many contractors prefer reinforcing concrete to build a hurricane-proof structure.


Hurricanes can cause mass destruction. Sometimes, it even wipes out the whole city in a single go. Apart from taking the lives of millions of people, it causes serious damage to homes and properties of that place. The hurricane victims are left with no other options but to reconstruct their places.

It is challenging to reconstruct a property after a hurricane. Several countries have practical disaster relief policies to help victims start a new life. However, while constructing, ensure to avoid shady contractors. There are several licensed and reliable home builders Bahamas. These builders will reconstruct the place, guiding the terms and conditions and insurance process.

Prepare a thorough plan, enlisting the material required for the construction. Decide the budget for the reconstruction and have a word with the contractor. Being well-planned will prevent you from repeating the previous construction mistakes.

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