best travel backpacks for kids in 2022

Especially in a large family, when we travel, children need to help carry their belongings. We love giving each of them their own travel backpack. It’s up to them to take responsibility and also think about their ideal kid’s packing list.


I try to pack as little as possible, so my kids don’t fill up their travel backpacks with a lot of heavy stuff. So here are the must-have kid’s travel backpacks we always have!


best travel backpacks for kids

Personally, I prefer special travel backpacks for kids who don’t use them for school or other activities. It can be used as a child’s travel backpack right away without the need to empty and clean it before traveling.


Children’s daypacks often sacrifice comfort for weight or practicality. Personally, I prefer ultralight kids travel backpacks. We love the foldable travel backpacks we’ve had for years. Each of our children is a different color (easy to spot!) and when folded they are very small and weigh very little. They are very spacious, yet very flexible. It can be quickly squashed under the airplane seat for children or as carry-on luggage for the car. It has multiple pockets and is perfect for us.


However, it’s not the most comfortable backpack on the market. Little to no padding on the shoulder straps, a bit long for small children. Kids from the age of 6 do fine with it, but you should be aware of it. But we personally love the ability to fold them up and stuff them into a suitcase when needed.


The above backpacks are, in our opinion, the best backpacks for traveling with children, but they are not the best if you want something really comfortable.If you want a little more structure and comfort , These kids backpacks are inexpensive, spacious, and have received excellent reviews as the best travel backpacks for kids.Available in a variety of colors! I would love to try them for my kids when we go on a long trip again.


I usually let my younger kids (ages 4-5) use preschool backpacks.At this age they tend to be light and fit well on small bodies.I have the oldest child I had this toddler travel backpack (perfect for small preschool backpacks!). Somehow it’s been 8 years and I’m still fine!


What to pack in a child’s travel backpack

Even more important than the actual backpack is what you put in it. We travel quite often, so we love having a streamlined process for what we put in our kids’ travel backpacks. See what’s included in your child’s travel backpack checklist. You can also enter your email address below to receive a printable checklist in your inbox!

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travel mask for kids

It wouldn’t be the best travel backpack for kids these days without a mask. When traveling, always pack advanced filtration to protect yourself and the communities you visit. We also have a few cloth masks just in case.


After masks, snacks are arguably the most important thing to pack in a travel backpack for kids. We like to pack granola bars, apples, fish crackers in a zip bag, cream cheese if it’s not going to sit too long, and roasted chickpeas. It can also be used to wrap small treats, such as small packs of mints or tic tacs.


We also have a full list of 50+ healthy road trip snacks here, many of which are perfect for a child’s backpack while traveling.


best travel jackets for kids

We mostly travel with packable, lightweight down jackets that provide excellent layering in a variety of weather conditions. I wore a T-girlfriend shirt under it when it was slightly chilly, and a flannel or wool base layer under it in the dead of winter. I like to stuff it in my kid’s travel backpack for when the kids get cold or even use it as a pillow/blanket while traveling.


These are our most popular lightweight insulated jackets for kids. We’ve probably owned nearly a dozen of these in various sizes over the years and have passed them on to several children. ) but they are cheap and great.I like this jacket because it’s pretty cold. It’s even lighter, more packable, and incredibly warm (but quite expensive).


When it’s warm and rainy, I sometimes wear a rain girlfriend’s jacket to travel. I like this raincoat for kids because it is functional, simple and cute. (I also love this long, waterproof rain jacket for women and this rain her jacket for men.)


stuffed animal

My kids love to travel with stuffed animals. It’s easiest to carry it yourself in your child’s travel backpack for access at all times, even while traveling.


hand sanitizer

We love adding these hanging mini hand sanitizer bottles to our kids’ travel backpacks.It’s easy to access and small enough to pass through security easily. When you arrive at your destination, you can usually purchase a large bottle of hand sanitizer and refill the smaller bottle as needed.


kids travel water bottle

Whether you’re traveling in a car with your kids or on a plane with them, you’ll love to pack a reusable water bottle in each one.While flying, it stays empty until you clear airport security. Leave it on and fill it up at the airport water fountain. It’s also generally very helpful in preventing spills (even for older children). Especially for toddlers, it’s nice to be able to pour a drink from a drink cart rather than leaving an open container on the tray table just waiting to be flipped over. Family trips are a lot easier when everyone has a drink on hand that can be put in a cup holder or in a child’s travel backpack.


Our kids love to have travel backpacks with bottle holders to keep their bottles in place.Insulated kids water bottles help keep drinks cold for a while (Especially useful if a young child needs milk – the flight attendants were happy to give it to my little one as well). This and this are travel water bottles for little ones. I also like it (it’s surprisingly splash-proof, but the straws can get dirty since there’s no cover). My older kids absolutely love this water bottle – it’s a great size, fits in a side pocket and keeps drinks cold for sooooo long. Kids pack a great kid’s hydration pack and usually only use it for water on road trips (we don’t fly these often).


For adults, I really love this and this.


children’s book or kindle

I really should have put that first. My kids love reading and it’s the best way to keep them entertained throughout their day while traveling. My three children, ages 7 and up, all have their own Kids’ Kindle. They get one when they become fairly independent readers, so they can access many books. It’s an absolute lifesaver!! Whether at home or traveling, the Kid’s Kindle is perfect for getting kids to read and having access to lots of books at all times without having to carry around lots of books. is. Learn more about Kid’s Kindle for on-the-go. It is one of your child’s travel essentials.


I like to cram a book or two for my young children that takes a long time to read. where’s Walter Alternatively, a flap book with lots of interesting little pictures and tidbits works well. (That would be a lot of fun too!) He also likes to pack a cardboard book or two for babies and toddlers. (I love it!)


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