Best Halloween Costume Ideas for You

Halloween is right close  and that means you have just some weeks to create the best Halloween costume . It doesn’t matter if you’re celebrating the scariest night of the season by wearing the perfect make-up. Inspired costume or wearing the hairstyle to dress up as your favorite pop-culture celebrity, there are many great ideas for you to consider.

While there’s no reason not to dress like the Black Cat or wearing an emerald tiara and calling yourself princess, there are times when you’re just looking to put on something that nobody other person at your Halloween celebration will wear. There’s plenty of time to design an original, creative Halloween costume that stands out from the crowd and possibly even earn some prizes. If you’re looking to dress like an emulating Halloween’s Queen Heidi Klum or Cardi B at the Met Gala, let this list of 31 Instagram-worthy costumes help inspire the next costume you’ll be wearing.

Kylie Jenner on Her 21st Birthday

Be it your opinion, or not You have to admit that Kylie Jenner was a good look-alike her look in the year the year 2018. In all-black and latex outfits, and everything else between, this upcoming billionaire doesn’t play around with fashion. One of the most memorable fashion moment Kylie has had this year was during her 21st birthday party. Get your friends together to recreate the Kardashian-Jenner family’s Barbie photo or dress up like Kylie to get the perfect one-of-a-kind look: All you require is a hot pink satin gown and platinum blonde wig. Make sure to take many selfies.

Justin and Hailey Bieber Halloween Costume 

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have sported a variety of outfits perfect for Halloween. Perhaps I can recommend one of the most unforgettable fashion moments like the one with Versace and slippers from the hotel? For a reimagining of Hailey’s style, draw the phrase “Versace” on an appropriate denim dress while your partner is wearing baggy athletic shorts, black tube socks and a pair of comfortable slippers in white.

Jessica Rabbit

Learn from Heidi Klum and dress up as a gorgeous model Jessica Rabbit. The latex gloves in purple and the vibrant pink dress with a un-inhibited slit are essential elements to this look. Or you can go for The barbie college Halloween costume. Get a red wig at any retailer as well as your preferred purple eyeshadow palette to finish the look. Here’s an adorable Jessica Rabbit makeup tutorial to assist you in achieving that cartoon-inspired smoky eyes.

Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress

A memorable event of VMA when Lady Gaga arrived to the red carpet in a dress made from raw meat. Make this statement of fashion by using a bit from bloody Mummy Wrap tie-dyed clothing and some clever craft techniques. Learn the DIY video or skip the hassle and get an already-worn bacon-inspired dress recreate the look of Lady Gaga.

“Spice Girls, “Spice Girls”

Honor Posh and her crew with the punny Spice Costume this Halloween including Pumpkin. We’re talking about these spices. All you need to put together this Halloween costume is a couple of acquaintances and a few labels to embellish your color-coordinated outfits. You can take inspiration from this McCormick “Spice girls” costume and wear up as your favorite seasoning brand. Sazon Goya Anyone?


Another classic Halloween costume that depends on the fact that you already have more than an black dress. If you’re looking for a more attractive look, take the novelty nose out and get glamorous goth. Make sure you even out your skin toneby taking your foundation two shades lighter to get a gothic appearance. “A smokey eye can be strong and sexually attractive,” says Murphy. The upper and lower lash lines using black liner, then increase the stroke to the corners that are outside. Utilize a brush to smudge the liner, and then smoke it out. Apply the dark brown shadow over the lid . Then, apply some under the eyes along the bottom of the lash line.


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