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Best Coding Games For Kids To Learn In 2022


With new technological advancements, the highly sought-after ability of computer programming has gradually permeated younger generations. Learning coding games for kids has many advantages, whether your goal is to prepare them to become computer programmers or to increase their understanding of the field. 

The brain is better able to learn, recall, and even comprehend new information when children learn to Code. Even as a novice, it may boost their confidence and foster their creativity.

Here are coding games for kids

  • Code Karts

They are introduced to coding games for kids basics in Code Karts through enjoyable racetrack-shaped logic problems. Kids won’t want enjoyment with this app because of its over 70 distinct levels and two separate game modes.

To guide their race car to the finish line using directional bricks is the goal of this coding game, which offers a fascinating coding environment.

  • LittleCodr

LittleCodr is a coding game for kids that is so straightforward. It’s a specific card game that encourages pleasure and gross motor activity. LittleCodr was initially crowd-funded on Kick starter and quickly gained popularity for its interactive fun, reduced screen time, and exciting approaches to teaching programming to pupils.

Kids can program their parents or friends to do ridiculous movements using basic action cards while learning coding, prototyping, debugging, and other concepts like linear thinking.

  • Think & Learn Code-a-pillar

Think & Learn Code-a-pillar, an interactive game from educational behemoth Fisher-Price, was created to help young children learn about and explore the world of coding.

Kids may assist an adorable and endearing caterpillar in this game by helping him eat, play, and overcome numerous challenges while honing their logic and sequencing skills, number recognition, and problem-solving abilities.

  • Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set

With the Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set, even the youngest programmers may learn the fundamentals of coding without needing a screen. 

It comes with double-sided coding cards, a programmable robot mouse, a cheese wedge, and an exclusive activity book that lets youngsters design a limitless number of labyrinth courses for their mice.

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  • Cubetto

It is finding a game that teaches your child the fundamentals of coding while being free of technology. Cubetto is unique in this regard. Friendly wooden robot Cubetto teaches young children the fundamentals of computer programming using a tangible, real-world object.

Children may control and interact with Cubetto’s bricks to direct the robot via exploration and active play. It may also used with unique books and maps to deliver a satisfying and comprehensive experience without needing an app or gadget.

Kids put up the coding cards to tell their mouse where to go after creating their unique maze. The mouse has two distinct speeds and lights and can even develop sounds, making the game lively and dynamic.

  • Osmo Coding Jam

Numerous studies have shown that music is suitable for a child’s development. When you combine it with the benefits of programming, you will undoubtedly have a beneficial games.

Kids may use interactive code blocks in the fun board game, which links to an ios app. Even the youngest programmers are learning how to sequence events and solve problems by being able to alter the coding blocks on the board game physically. Children may learn rhythm, melody, and harmony through music.

  • CodeSpark Academy

Over 20 million kids in more than 200 countries have learned about coding thanks to the award-winning CodeSpark Academy program. This software teaches youngsters the foundations of computer programming through puzzles, games, and printables.

Your youngster will find it difficult to put this down because of the individualized daily activities based on their development. The stimulating curriculum created by MIT, Princeton, and Carnegie Mellon researchers, and the new subscription app material added each month.


Try any commercial or free coding games for kids listed above to get started with coding and have a great time! SkoolOfCode offers the best curriculum, which educates students through practical applications. 

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