Best 12 Mobile Application Development Ad Networks

Although there are various ways to monetize mobile application development, in-app advertisements are probably the easiest and most well-liked. You undoubtedly have to decide what monetization solution to use. We’ve gathered the top 12 mobile app monetization ad networks and solutions.

1. MoPubby Twitter

For app developers and publishers worldwide, MoPub is one of the best mobile ad networks. Interstitials, Native, Rewarded, and Banners are the four types of advertisements that MoPub offers. Additionally, they offer technical help and troubleshooting that is more effective.

2. AppLovin

Over 1.5 billion devices connect to Applovin each month. It features in-app real-time analytics. Advertising of all kinds supports this service, including banners, skippable and non-skippable videos, playable ads, and incentivized videos.

3. Tapjoy

Tapjoy is one of the earliest methods of web app services monetization. It offers the ad forms Playable, Offerwall, Rewarded Video, and Video Interstitial.  As opposed to simply displaying standard app advertisements. Tapjoy offers users virtual currencies that they can use to purchase in-app content from publishers. This is what sets Tapjoy apart from all other mobile app advertising systems.

4. Epom Apps

The most well-known mobile ad networks in the world are partners with Epom Apps, guaranteeing both a high demand from advertisers and competitive prices for application developers. Epom is also one of the simplest monetization technologies to utilize; all you need to do is integrate SDK, and Epom Apps will automate monetization and relieve you of ad administration.

5. StartApp

StartApp’s intelligent targeting and cutting-edge ad units can assist you in obtaining high eCPMs and fill rates. They offer seven different kinds of advertisements: splash, interstitial, playable, video, 360 ads, virtual reality ads, and MREC banners. StartApp works with publishers to find the most interesting ad types using these different ad types.

6. Appodeal

Another excellent technique for making money off a mobile gaming app is Appodeal. It does not have its own ad network and solely functions as a platform for mediation, in contrast to many other monetization systems. Therefore, you only need one account to reach an audience from many sources. In addition, they maintain objectivity and prioritize app developers or publishers in their efforts to increase revenue.

7. Media.net

One of the biggest advertising firms in the world is Media.net. It consistently considers the finest competition to AdSense and is credits with inventing the “display to search” structure of advertising. Contextual, display, and native adverts are provided by Media.net.

8. Yahoo App Publishing

You may access thousands of Yahoo Gemini advertisers thanks to Yahoo App Publishing. On your app, Yahoo displays native, full-screen, and banner advertisements. The biggest feature of this service is that it provides you with access to Flurry Analytics in addition to revenue opportunities.

9. Unity Ads

The most well-known ad monetization method for mobile game apps is Unity Ads. Also, it’s the first that kind of service that optimizes LTV. Unity gets support from Android and iOS apps. They let you display several forms of ads such as AR ads, banners, playable ads, movies, and others.

10. Amazon Publisher Services

The Amazon Mobile Ad Network and web application services were replaced by Amazon Publisher Services on September 2021, when it was declared obsolete. Access to Amazon demand and other purchasers is made possible via its APS SDK. These buyers will compete for your placement, which will raise your revenue and CPMs. Large enterprise publishers are the target market for Transparent Ad Marketplace services.

11. Audience Network by Meta

With your iOS or Android app, the Meta (Facebook) Audience Network will assist you in generating revenue. A mobile application development that is available on the Google Play Store or the App Store. It is as well as a Facebook account, required to start making money. As a Google mobile ad network, Meta Audience Network operates globally and supports the DIY monetization strategy. It is because you can quickly and easily set up and start making money from advertisements.

12. AdMob by Google

One of the biggest mobile ad networks in the world is AdMob, a Google company. With in-app advertisements and useful information, AdMob helps you monetize your app. It supports various currencies, enabling you to make money anywhere in the world. AdMob is a fantastic tool that is incredibly simple and intuitive to use, similar to other Google products.


To make your life a little bit easier, if you’re developing a mobile application or currently have one. You can access several bid methods including Auto CPM, network reporting, and sophisticated bidding with a network-supported instance. Along with mobile & web application services, Tapjoy supports the iOS and Android operating systems. The services offered by the Unified Ad Marketplace are for small and mid-sized publications. Publishers may search across all merchants in one marketplace with the Connections Marketplace service.

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