Appu Ghar Oyster water Park (Gurgaon) – 2022 What to Know Before You Go

The rising of May and June exotic summers naturally invites visitors. To visit adventurous and cooling places such as water parks. It sounds good to have fun at these places; also, the Appu Ghar Oyster water park has become a must-visiting place to try nowadays. You can also call it Appu Ghar Gurgaon water park as it is located in Gurgaon, Delhi-NCR. It is an assurance that you will enjoy your entire day near cool water bodies, delicious meals, and enchanting water rides. 

Do sneak-peak in the early days. You might remember India’s first-ever amusement park, also named Appu Ghar, located in Pragati Maidan. Started in 1984 by International Amusement Limited; spread over a large area of around 15.5 acres. After watching his 24 years of success, unfortunately, the amusement park closed in 2008 due to some legal issues.   

But now, the Appu Ghar has returned for a reunion and to meet the people’s expectations again. The oyster’s water park “Appu Ghar ” is open for every generation, including children, adults, and even senior citizens in gurugram. Notably, the oyster water park was already operative here and launched in 2014 under the flagship brand of Appu Ghar. Furthermore, there are plenty of welcoming services, facilities, food corners, malls, and much more this time.

You can easily locate it there, as it comes near Huda City Metro station. And is spread across around 10 acres. Adding on, there you can experience the enjoyment of the state-of-the-art ‘Rainforest’ themed Water Park; that allows the guests to revisit the old Appu Ghar nostalgic memories. 

Some Amazing and Never Missing Rides of Appu Ghar (Oysters Beach Park):

  • Oh My Gurgaon- This is India’s fastest, abrupt, and tallest water ride. While riding, it will drop from a launch chamber into a 45-degree loop with water splashing at 60 km/hr speed.  
  • Sky Fall – As its name says, you will receive a 92-feet free fall. Which will give you an exciting and never forgetting experience. 
  • Pirate Station – It is a giant and massive play station. 
  • WhirlWind – It is a unique and exciting open float slide.
  • Rapid Racers – You can better call it a mat racer. 
  • Wave Pool – People can call it a kids-friendly ride, as it is low on risk and less intense. However, anyone can relax in a pool and enjoy glimpses of artificial sea waves.  

Ticket Charges (Per head) 

Visiting Appu Ghar Gurgaon without knowing its ticket prices is nothing more than stupidity. Therefore, it is better to keep details regarding the ticket pricing criteria, divided into three parts: categories, weekdays and weekends.

  • Adults- In this category people, more than 18 come. Regarding prices, on weekdays it is charged Rs.1399, and on weekends it is required to pay the same amount, Rs.1399. 
  • Senior Citizens- It is the second category, in which they are required to pay the same Rs. 1099 on both weekdays and weekends. 
  • Children (3ft to 4th)- The children come under the third category and have to pay the same amount, Rs. 899 on both weekdays and weekends. 
  • Children (Below 4 ft)- This is the final category in which no charges are required. It is entirely free of cost for this category. 

Some other Extract Piece of Information-


Keeping accurate information about the location is the priority before making any visit. Therefore, it is located in sector 29, Gurugram, near the Huda City Center metro station. 

Nearest Metro Station

The Huda City Center metro station is the nearest to reach, which comes under the DMRC yellow line network.  


The correct times to visit there are from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM on all days, including Saturday and Sunday.  

Other Facilities: 

After visiting “Oysters Water Park” Appu Ghar, the other facilities you can get there. Such as Free parking, a Buffet, Locker Service, Restaurants, Costumes, etc. And for getting more information, you can contact them through their website.  

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