Apartments vs Villas in Dubai: What makes a better living option?

What is the ultimate desire of residents living in a cosmopolitan city like Dubai? Probably a less-crowded space with an abundance of space and an extravagant interior with landscaped gardens and incredible views. On the contrary, an apartment provides a secure and wonderful lifestyle with the same exceptional city views. Yet, it’s unlikely to showcase bigger spaces like villas.  

Choosing a residential unit is no catwalk, especially when you’re living in Dubai. It’s because the lifestyle expectations for this city have always been higher. Since there are plenty of apartments for rent in JVC and villas in other luxury communities, we’ve noted a few factors to consider before making your next move.

  • The privilege of privacy:

Privacy is of utmost importance for a contented lifestyle. While living in a villa means that you can wander around your private garden leisurely, apartments can’t provide this privilege to the occupants. Neighbours can follow every of your activity in a flat via balconies. In addition, with no shared walls, you can enjoy complete control over the place. And so, the lifestyle in an independent villa allows leading a life without worrying about undesirable sightseers.

  • Customization of your space:

While Dubai is the most sought-after city for its residential units, what’s better than designing your home the way you like? With large interiors, villas offer this liberty to the fullest. Whether you want to dedicate a room to your furry friends or convert it into a library, you’ve got the liberty to add in your preferences. Unlike a flat where you can only modify the interiors in a restricted way without sufficient space. 

  • Plenty of Space to pursue hobbies:

When we talk about pursuing a career outside of work, villas surely occupy the stage. The freedom of playing drums and guitars late at night has nothing to do with neighbours complaining about the awful yet disturbing rhythms. Additionally, you’ll have plenty of space to host evening parties and gatherings. On the other hand, this kind of entertainment is nearly unacceptable with neighbours living next door. 

  • Provision of a peaceful lifestyle:

Who doesn’t prefer relaxing in a serene and calm atmosphere after a stressful day at work? Of course, gated communities are often bustling with environmental noise and endless traffic. Besides the beautifully manicured-gardens and recreational spaces, villas feature well-equipped parking spaces, private swimming pools, and exclusive clubhouses. However, that’s not the case with the apartment since all residents get to share such amenities. 

  • A long-term investment:

There’s no denying that Dubai’s real estate market keeps on escalating. On one end, investing in a villa doesn’t only provide a luxurious lifestyle but also makes a great future investment. It’s more like getting a sense of belonging, a property that’s utterly yours, and there’s no sharing. However, shared walls can’t financially back you up as independent units would. 

Final Thoughts:

With such a versatile real estate industry, Dubai has been attracting foreign investors for years. So, there’s no way the residential units aren’t worth it, including rental apartments in Palm Jumeirah and villas in Dubai Sports City. It’s more about the differences in lifestyles that both the units provide rather than differentiating between their financial values. And with the pointers mentioned above, it’s quite obvious why villas are always betting on living options rather than apartments. 

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