A Stepwise Guide to Design Your Own Engagement Ring

Everyone wants to get an engagement ring that is unique, authentic, and classy. This makes them search everywhere, from online websites to local jewelry stores. Many people want to have customized designs, which makes them choose semi-mount engagement rings. This type of ring gives you the liberty to choose the price, metal, center stone, and many other things to design your ring.

Do you know it’s possible to design your own engagement ring? Yes, it is right. Many jewelry stores allow their customers to design their engagement rings as per their needs and choices. Are you curious to know how you can design your dream engagement ring? Here’s a stepwise guide that will help you design rings:

Start With Selecting the Style

You’ll have to start the process by choosing your desired engagement ring settings. There’s the availability of different types of ring settings that you can choose from. This includes classic, modern, and vintage ring settings, which you can select as per your taste. From the store’s website, you can browse the entire collection of settings and then find a suitable option for ring settings. Some of the unique styles that you can opt for are solitaire, two-stone, side stone, three-stone, Halo, and antique.

Choose Metal Type

After choosing a setting style for engagement ring mountings, it’s time to find the right type of metal. So, you’ll have to find a metal in which you want your diamond to be studded. From platinum to different types of gold, there are numerous options to choose from. According to your requirements and budget, you can choose the metal for the rings. Some of the most sought-after metals are 14k and 18k versions of rose and white gold. So, all that you need is to customize your ring’s precious metal depending on your taste, need, and budget.

Don’t Forget the Diamond Shape Selection.

If you have a shape in your mind, then it’s great. If not, then the next step for designing your engagement ring is to find the precise shape of the diamond. The most popular shapes for diamond engagement rings are heart, round, oval, and cushion. If you want to add a very creative but vintage feel to any engagement ring design, then it would be better to go for oval-shaped diamonds. Apart from this, there are pear, marquise, and radiant shapes that one can opt for.

Select the Type of Color of the Stone.

The next step is a selection of gemstone colors to make your own engagement ring. The traditional preference for an engagement ring is a diamond in white color for most of the people. However, you can also go for alternative options for adding a personalized look. If you want to add a new gemstone to your engagement ring, emerald and sapphire are some of the best options.

Set a Price Range for Your Ring.

Last but not least, you need to set the price range that you want for your customized engagement ring. Make sure you’ve set up your budget for the engagement ring.  A predefined budget will help you make precise investments in the diamond engagement rings.

To Sum Up

That’s it. You need to select the ring setting, type of metal, and shape of the diamond for designing your own engagement ring. Once you’ve performed all these steps, the only thing that is left is to enjoy your tailored engagement ring.

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