A Step-by-Step Guide for Starting a Driving School in Ajax

Everything you need to know to start a driving school in Ajax is provided here. Ajax makes it extremely simple to start a driving school in comparison to many other states. Although there are still paperwork and standards to fulfill, the state appears to be accommodating of driving schools.

Driving school ajax may provide in-class teaching, practical driving instruction, or both. The location of your school is up to you, but you will need to find a different location for the classroom instruction.

You can follow along with this guide as you go.

The best way to start a driving school in Ajax

The best way to start a driving school in Ajax

  • Ajax has few requirements for obtaining a driving school license.
  • Licenses are required for both schools and their faculty.
  • A surety bond in the amount required by the Department, which in your first year appears to be $5,000 but should be confirmed by the Department.

An overview of your training, including both in-class and behind-the-wheel (BTW) instruction

Your instructional vehicle record, your contract or agreement with your pupils, and the form you must use to retain student data.

The standards and existing laws for driver training schools are simple and unambiguous. 

Owners and instructors of driving schools should be aware of them and follow them. The following liability insurance coverage is required by Ajax:

  • One person’s bodily injury costs $500,000
  • $500,000 for more than one person’s physical harm
  • $500,000 in company standard liability and $8,000 in personal injury protection-medical costs
  • If you have employees, you are required to obtain workers’ compensation insurance to protect them—and maybe you—should they get hurt while performing their duties. Of course, if you want your operations to be covered, you should think about getting larger coverages or an umbrella policy.

Owner's License for a Driving School

Owner’s License for a Driving School

Few personal criteria are placed on driving school owners in Ajax. A conviction for a multitude of offenses including dishonesty or moral turpitude would be the primary obstacle. The offenses are listed in the regulations starting on page 2.

The application fee is $190, and the license is valid for 24 months.

License for Driving Instructors

Owners of driving schools are exempt from specific regulations, but instructors are required to prove their qualifications in order to obtain a license from Ajax. the $25 application fee and the application form. The following requirements must be fulfilled by instructors.

  • Age requirement: 19 or older
  • possess a license that is valid and have two years of driving experience
  • a respectable medical diagnosis from the last 24 months.
  • If the most recent points on your license are less than a year old, you have not accrued more than 6 points in a calendar year.
  • In the last four years, you haven’t experienced any suspensions or revocations.

Ajax driving teachers must additionally complete a road test that challenges them to exhibit both their driving abilities and their teaching methods.

Every 24 months, instructor licenses must be renewed.


If you meet the standards listed below, you are generally free to set up shop anywhere you see fit. You have the option of having a classroom space or holding driver education classes off-site at establishments like a nearby public or private schools. Your licensing application needs to contain a copy of your agreement with the school or other location.

On the self-certification form, you can self-certify the location of your classroom. You need to submit a letter from the school administration whether your classroom is in a public or private school. The following conditions must be fulfilled in your classroom:

  • It has a zoning waiver or is located in a commercial zone.
  • Any DMV customer service location or location of a road test must be at least 1,500 feet away from your classroom.
  • Unless there are less than 10,000 people living in your community.
  • 20 square feet are provided per occupant, with a maximum class size of 35.
  • You have access to toilet facilities, suitable AV equipment, enough lighting, climate control, and a distraction-free environment.

Your office must be open to the public during your usual business hours and must adhere to all local and state building regulations. Accessibility for people with disabilities is required.

Records must be kept in your main place of business.

Records must be kept in your main place of business.

You must confirm all routes the department utilizes in your area for road tests with the department. You cannot give them instructions.

The name of your driving school cannot be strikingly similar to that of another driving school, including the terms “State,” Government,” “Municipal,” “City,” or “County” in the school name, and you may only use the name of your school in marketing and advertising.

Never convey to a student or parent that your training ensures obtaining a driver’s license, even if you state your pass rate.


The brake controls on your vehicles must be dual. The most recent Ajax safety and emissions inspection must have been successful.

A department examiner may check out your car if it’s less than three years old or has fewer than 100,000 miles on it. If not, a mechanic is required to finish the inspections.

The signs on your vehicles must be visible from the back and must state that they are being used for driving instruction.

Records and Agreements

For at least four years after a student completes training with you, you must preserve records of all of your instruction and students. You must create a record-keeping form on paper, a computer, or both, and submit it to the department

The Ajax Driving School Curriculum

The Ajax Driving School Curriculum

Classroom, on-road, and parental instruction are the three parts of the required Driver Education program that Top driving school ajax must offer.

At least 30 clock hours must be spent in the classroom, and 12 clock hours must be spent behind the wheel (6 BTW and 6 observings).

Commercial Driving Permit Instruction

For your CDL School license, you must seek approval through the Ajax Educational Approval Program. Printing and observing the EAP supervision guide is advised.

You can find the necessary forms on the EAP website.

Ajax Small Business Startup

Your driving school is not just bound by Ajax laws governing driver education. Additionally, you must register your driving school as a small business and take into account a variety of variables.

Talking with your lawyer and accountant about the structure of your firm and its operations is appropriate. The ideas we present here are not legal advice, but they should give you something to consider when you set up your company.

Business licensing

Business licensing

In Ajax, all firms must be registered, particularly the ones using the “doing business as” name. It’s possible that banks won’t open your account unless you have that DBA form. In the business structures that follow, we’ll mention where to register.

Additionally, a Federal Employer Identification Number must be obtained. It can be required by banks for your business accounts, and you might want to hire workers.

Visit the IRS website and fill out the application form that is linked there to request an EIN.

Additionally, you want to sign up with the Ajax Department of Revenue.

Company Name

Check to confirm if the business name you want is indeed available in Ajax before you move forward. Both the county recorder’s office and the Ajax database can be searched.

Once you are aware that your desired company name is available, you can reserve it with the Commonwealth’s Secretary of State’s office.

Solo Entrepreneurship

The simplest type of business to start is your own, but this can expose you to liability issues. Being a lone owner only means that your business is a part of your life.

You complete a Schedule C for your 1040 form every April and maintain a different set of books.

Even with insurance, a sole proprietorship exposes the owner to entire liability. This could imply that if you are sued, you could lose your house and other belongings in addition to your personal belongings, bank accounts, and other valuables. The comfort and independence may not be worth the risk.

The crucial action you need to perform in Ajax is to register your assumed business name with the county or town clerk where your place of business is located.

What Do I Do Next?

You need to recruit students when you’ve fulfilled all legal requirements to operate a driving school and a small business in Ajax.


Ajax bragged about being open for business, and it looks simple and easy to build and run a driving school in ajax. Create a business plan, establish your operation, and obtain a state license, and you may start instructing Ajax upcoming drivers.

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