A mesmerizing experience at nag tibba

So the nag tibba is uploaded as one of the highest peak with altitude of 3022 feets in the lower Himalayas of Uttarakhand it is a very peaceful as one of the best weekend treks for beginners it gets you on the top of narcotic back covered an easy trail the nag tibba is a track which follows many different forests of oak and orchards and there are many different jungles and green made house then active also captures many different goals as sheep grazing kamli on the slopes advise the majestic vistas of the Himalayan peak and you could also find nag tibba truly amazing star gazing time when camping on the Midas there is also a small temple which is at top of the hill where all the paranormal view and the entire majestic view of the great Himalayas is exhibited,

so if you also want to visit the nag tibba track then the best time to visit the nag tibba trek is the summer and winter months so under the spring and summer scribe the destination is the ideal place for camping while winters are completely takes over it and one of the most suitable tracks as most of the places are closed due to heavy snow in October track also appreciated is one of the most popular weekend tracks which are in India due to its easy access and a perfect short gateway from the monotonous.

Quick itinerary

  •       Day one

So on the day when you would reach Dehradun which is followed by a drive to Punjab village which will cross Mussoorie and then exciting track to the nagtibba temple

  •       Day 2

The tracking from the nagtibba temple to the nagtibba top will also behold the remarkable views and the majestic views of the Himalayan peaks such as Bandar Poonch Kedarnath and many more which is also followed by the return to the nagtibba base camp

  •      Day 3

So on the last day of the track, you would track down to Punta’s every village and all the base camps and drive to Dehradun and travel home.

How to reach

  •       The magpie track makes the starting point at Dehradun and it is settled at a distance of 5 kilometers from the isbt bus stop where one can easily get public or private transport to reach The Wanted location.
  •       Location in Dehradun so the nearest airport is Jolly Grant airport which is in a stretch of 27 kilometers from the starting point of the track.

Nag tibba Food Guide

So the beautiful destination which is one of the best tracks in India in the lower Himalayas of Uttarakhand has no food or even a teacher at this elevation so the backpackers usually carry their refreshments another different food supplies therefore if you are with a group then it is recommended to decide and prepare a meal by yourself and when you are taking rest in the camp of night add some packaged food which may come handy with a light snack for the route.

Activities to enjoy

  •       Photography

So there are many different purposes for visiting nag tibba. Abundant opportunities for many different nature photography and astrophotography. The pitch is very dark in a clear scribe with the night which is ideal to capture. Some mesmerizing star trails and some tangible memories.

  •       Camping

So camping and stargazing under the clear night sky is a very good experience with a bonfire overall. It offers many different several standing locations where a group can erect a tent start a campfire.

Places to visit nearby

  •       Kempty falls

So the camp falls is defined as a very massive waterfall with some sort of the streams before hitting. The bottom kempty falls is also acknowledged as one of. The most and one of the oldest tourist points near Mussoorie. The destination is the most fascinating point spot for flawless. People nearby Mussoorie with a comfortable distance 15 kilometers.

  •       Mussoorie

So Mussoorie is a very famous and the most of destination in India Mussoorie is very admired as the Wonderland of romantic nature lovers and backpackers with the celebration hill station the Mussoorie also features some of the many different prestigious educational institutes of India and many different nice hotels once you visit Mussoorie the memories of the place are forever locked in your heart.


Swiss, we all discuss that both are the different places. That you can visit which are nearby the nag tibba track. And what are the different activities that you can do to enjoy in the nagtibba trek. And as we all know that the nag tibba trek is also known as the business trek. So almost anyone can go to the track

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