9 Ideal Handheld Pc gaming PC’s Of 2022

We have actually been reviewing handheld Pc for more than 4 years now, mostly within the emulation particular niche, but with the adaptation and constant advancement of the very best handheld gaming PC’s they’re getting closer as well as closer to low as well as mid array mobile emulators.


So, we assumed it was about time we got our hands unclean and moved from the most effective retro handhelds to the very best portable gaming computer’s, providing you an intriguing perspective from a person that has actually reviewed and evaluated over 200 handhelds in his time.


There appears to be more and more new tools filling the portable computer room, some terrific, some not a lot, so we’re only detailing the best of the very best and also why you should snag them if you’re on the market to play your PC video games on the go.


Let’s jump into the very best portable gaming computer’s of 2022.


Finest Overall

Heavy steam Deck

Vapor Deck


The Vapor Deck is our favorite not only since it is among the most budget friendly handheld video gaming computer’s on the market, however its extremely simple to use/understand and packs a lot of power too, taking care of some AAA games.


Ideal Rates

AYN Odin Pro

AYN Odin Pro



The AYN Odin is initially an Android portable, yet with a little tweaking you can get Windows loaded on her no problem and also at $200, it’s exceptionally cost effective as well as can play a lot of your smaller computer games that does not require too much power.


Best For Mobility




The AYANEO Air Pro is the go to handheld video gaming computer for those that want mobility as well as a somewhat smaller gadget than normal. It loads a punch with its specs, as well as is the globe’s first OLED handheld computer on the market.


Table of Contents

9. ANBERNIC Win600

anbernic win600

The ANBERNIC Win600 is a portable that we have examined for lots of weeks, yet it simply had not been for us, it had lots of downfalls, which is especially unexpected from a business that utilized to produce such unbelievable handhelds just a number of years earlier.


The Win600 gets on the listing because maybe terrific for a few of you out there that are seeking a handheld that you can acquire promptly, as well as get it supplied in a week or more, which is unusual nowadays.


It can play a wide variety of 2D PC video games, and also a lot of your retro video games as much as well as consisting of Nintendo Wii and PS2.


Yet it can not deal with AAA video games, or any type of big 3D video game extremely well, making it a handheld pc gaming PC for those that like 2D platformers, fighting games or smaller sized computer video games.


8. GPD Win 3

gpd win 3 handheld pc gaming computer



Their ideal handheld pc gaming computer’s are their most cutting-edge, one being the GPD Win 3 which was launched back in 2021. This handheld functions a full qwerty keyboard under the slide up display screen, two analogue sticks, shoulder switches, a 2.8 GHz i7 CPU as well as a huge 5.5 ″ HD display.


Some would certainly say the QWERTY key-board is a little bit useless and also should not include in the very best handheld gaming PC but the GPD Win 3 targets both players and those that want to work on the go.


It features a dock, much like the Nintendo Switch enabling you to dock it to a HD display, connect up your Wi-fi as well as wireless mouse to obtain job done in between slaying noobs.


It loads some power as well as functions well with the touch display, however some might be avoided with the high price tag of $799– $899, particularly when there’s many on this checklist that are less costly.


7. ONEXPlayer


The Onexplayer handheld appeared prior to the Steam Deck, and also lots of passionate portable gamers wished to dive into what was regarded “the most effective portable computer on the marketplace”, as well as it pleasantly stunned the computer market with its unbelievable construct quality and also interior specs.


The ONEXPlayer  features a 4.2 GHZ Ryzen 4800U CPU, an 8 Core AMD Radeon GPU, 16GB RAM, 1TB Storage Space and also a 8.4 ″ IPS Display (2560 x 1600), making it an outright giant and also allowing you to play games completely HD at crunchy frame-rates without any problems at all.


We have actually checked the ONEXPLAYER and also can verify it does not disappoint, but what I discovered one of the most was exactly how comfy it was to use, yes it’s rather hefty however most portable video gaming PC’s on this list are.


The buttons are flawlessly positioned, the analogue sticks are sensitive and also tough enough for rapid paced games like shoot em as much as be simple to hold, and also the shoulder buttons we’re incredibly wonderful to play on, with large switches as well as wonderful comments to them.





If the ONEXPLAYER was a little also big for you after that their newer model known as the ONEXPLAYER Mini may be of passion to you.


The ONEXPLAYER Mini flaunts a 7 ″ IPS Show (1920 x 1200), clocks 4.4 GHz of rate, as well as works on AMD’s innovative AMD Zen 3. Not only that it has 16GB RAM, approximately 2TB of storage as well as a slightly smaller layout making it extra comfy as well as on par with the exact same dimension as a Heavy steam Deck.


It’s still huge, but not as heavy and a bit a lot more ergonomic. It has actually kept the comfortability as they have made use of the same buttons as well as shoulder switches, however just in a somewhat much more portable layout contrasted to its larger ONEXPLAYER AMD sibling.


It still packs a bloody large punch too, enabling you to get up to 60FPS from AAA games on this gadget. Take a look at this if you on the market for among the most effective pc gaming PCs for beginners, in portable format.




5. AYA Neo


AYA Neo is a firm that is attempting to be the “Apple” of portable gaming computer’s. They have sleek marketing, a very modern-day looking device and a chief executive officer that likes to keep active across social media by building in public.


The AYA Neo is their largest and also most prominent portable computer as well as was released in 2021 on Indiegogo and also completely wrecked its objective as well as protected over ₤ 1,000,000 in support. The wonderful point is that they provided on their pledge and several gamers are playing on this portable still to today.


After this successful launch AYA constructed a reputation for themselves as well as are putting their foot to construct a service that competes with ONEXPLAYER and also Heavy steam within this highly active particular niche.


The AYA NEO was so prominent due to the advertising and also the fact that it was just one of the first to be a crowdfunded portable video gaming PC for the area.


The AYA NEO features a AMD 2.3 GHZ 4500U CPU, 1.5 GHZ AMD Radeon GPU, 16GB RAM, 1TB of storage space as well as a huge 7 ″ IPS screen (1200 x 800).


It additionally comes in a Pro variation needs to you desire even more power, however the rate raises with that said, lots of are using this device purely for emulation, as AYA have released a “retro” edition with a Gameboy DMG colour method.


It’s very similar to the ONEXPLAYER’s output, yet it has a sharper, more modern look with backlit buttons as well as a little larger bezels, why you would certainly get this over a ONEXPLAYER boils down to aesthetic appeals.


It loads a great deal of power and also can play most AAA games extremely smoothly, just take into account the battery life just lasts a couple of hrs when playing heavy video games. The very same goes for all handheld gaming PC’s on this checklist.


4. AYA Neo Next


One more AYA item? Yes, but this is their latest, and many effective handheld video gaming PC called the AYA Neo Next.


It looks like an extra modern-day Nintendo Switch yet packs much more power, and is practically one of the most effective portable video gaming PC on this list.


It features a AMD Ryzen 7 5825U CPU, AMD Radeon Vega 8 GPU, 16GB RAM, 2TB storage as well as a 7 ″ IPS display (1280 x 800).


That on paper is impressive, and also one of the first times it has actually been implimented right into a handheld gadget. AYA have actually done an amazing task with placing as much power and also as much of the most recent tech into such a small gadget.


This is far smaller than that of the ONEXPLAYER and also the Vapor Deck, as a matter of fact it’s similar size to that of a Nintendo Switch, but with much better comfort designs and also no wandering.


If you’re a minimal or are looking for the most powerful handheld video gaming computer on the market currently, after that the Next is the iPhone of smart devices. It’s smooth, it’s mobile, the firm will certainly sustain you through the entire process as well as it executes like nothing we’ve ever tested.


3. AYN Odin


A handheld that you possibly wasn’t expecting to see on this list is the AYN Odin, a brand-new portable that was completely backed on Indiegogo within a couple of weeks, but rather targets emulator lovers as opposed to PC gamers.


Nevertheless, recently it has the capacity to side tons Windows as a result of the touch-screen and also linked controls, however why it’s on the listing comes down to power per dollar ratio.


The AYN Odin sets you back just $199a and also packs sufficient power that it can replicate the most effective Gamecube video games on the go with no trouble.


For those wishing to load up Windows on it, it still performs effectively. It’s a portable that you would certainly acquire to play your older PC video games, certainly not your more recent AAA video games because of the power it requires to run them well.


The AYN Odin includes a 2.0 GHz Dimensity D1000G CPU, a ARM Mali-G57 GPU and also RG4B RAM with a 6 ″ 1080p IPS Show. Not the best on the listing, yet damn outstanding when you consider the small cost.


It additionally feels fantastic in the hand, with exceptional controls, wonderful battery life as well as great LED’s around the portable that you can switch on an off like Iron-Man.


If you’re wanting to begin dabbling in portable gaming computer’s the AYN Odin maybe for you, but we will inform you that loading Windows on it perhaps difficult for some as it comes pre-loaded with Android, not Windows.



We were fortunate enough to obtain early examples of the AYANEO Air, a very mobile handheld video gaming PC shaking a AMD Ryzen 7 5825U processor, making it efficient in playing some AAA video games on low settings.


It’s additionally the globe’s initial portable pc gaming computer including an OLED display, and also I can validate the screen is stunning, the 1080p resolution combined with the brilliant, crisp colours is simply an outright pleasure to play on.


The tool also includes LEDs behind the analogue sticks and also an unique gradient colour throughout the shoulder buttons giving it an extremely special look which is hard to do when it seems like a new portable is coming out each and every single week.


At the thinnest factor the AYANEO Air Pro is approximately 21mm thick, making it extremely mobile, as if it should be difficult to call this a “PC”, oh, as well as it just weighs just over 400g making it simple to bet extended periods of time.


Yet that’s the problem, with the quantity of power it requires to perform high-end pc gaming quality, it consumes the battery life extremely rapidly, so quickly that when playing the current video games, it just lasts simply over a hr from out screening.


This is the only downfall with this handheld. The battery life makes it less “portable” than others, however nevertheless, it’s without a doubt the most outstanding handheld video gaming PC I have actually ever used.


Halo Reach, on the go, on a handheld? Yep, that functions, and that’s just exactly how well thing does.



1. Steam Deck

vapor deck

It would not be a finest portable pc gaming PC’s listing without the holy grail that is the Steam Deck. If anybody can build a giant mobile computer it’s the group behind Vapor.



It’s a method to play all of your Steam games on the move in a fluid natural type that brings the most effective of Steam to your hands any place you are whenever you desire.


It’s big, it’s chunky but it loads a strike as well as the style layout although it looks odd, kinda jobs.


The Vapor Deck features a 4-core AMD Zen 2 CPU, an 8-core AMD RDNA GPU with 1GB video clip memory, 16GB of RAM, up to 512GB of storage and also a 7 ″ 60HZ IPS screen (1280 x 800).


Yet where it works is the fluidness between your games, and also just how all of the computer video games work on a portable tool. Initially this would certainly have been difficult, however today’s tech has made it a reality and also playing MMORPG video games on a handheld device has never ever really felt so great.


We’ll confess some games do need even more tweaking to end up being fully Vapor Deck friendly, yet as the days go by a growing number of video games are ending up being all-natural on this tool.


This is the go as well, and we can not wait to see how this handheld adapts and also evolves gradually, our good friends over at Deskovery believe very extremely of it.


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