9 Easy Ways To Start Your End Of Lease Cleaning

A good beginning decides how well the journey unfolds. A head start is always welcome and your end of lease cleaning is no exception. It’s always the most difficult when you are starting off anything. But there are no magic elves to do your end of lease cleaning – and you definitely need to get that security deposit back. We have a solution for you. We believe that you can start off by doing small tasks or jobs and then scale up to a full fledged move out cleaning. This slow yet effective approach will help you get started on your end of lease cleaning as soon as possible!

1. Clean the easiest rooms first

Well, the basic rule says that the first room you should tackle is usually the bathroom since it is the dirtiest. However, there are always exceptions to the game. To get into the rhythm of end of lease cleaning, you can start off by cleaning the easiest rooms first. Maybe it is the guest room or even your walk in closet – it doesn’t matter! As long as you start the process, it is worth it. Some of the most experienced end of lease cleaning companies in Melbourne suggest that you start off with some easy tasks that can be done within a few minutes.

2. Do not start cleaning until you vacate

There is something about moving that always conjures a picture in one’s head – a messy room with boxes lying around. Yes, moving is messy and it is better to vacate the house completely before you even touch a broom or a mop. Mixing your packing and your cleaning would just make things difficult for you. You might even have to do the cleaning twice to deal with the packing mess.

3. Get cleaning supplies beforehand

To get things started quickly, it is always a good idea to get a head start. As soona s you decide that you’ll be moving out, you can start researching online about effective cleaning supplies. Talk to people for advice and then head out on a convenient day and buy the ones you need. When you have everything you need, it is easier to get started.

4. Make your own cleaning sprays

The internet is filled with different recipes to make your own cleaning solutions. The good thing is that they work. Baking soda and vinegar are definitely lifesavers when it comes to DIY cleaning solutions. Save money and effort by making your own cleaning solutions. It’ll simply tick off that run to the supplies store that you’ve been dreading all along.

5. Have a plan in mind

It doesn’t have to be intricate – but a mental roadmap can help you pull off the job much more quickly. You can jot down the tasks that you have to do and then start them one by one. A to do list is one of the most satisfactory things to look at in the world once you start completing the tasks that are on it.

Tip 6: Do your research

Whether it is about the cleaning supplies that you have to buy or about the end of lease cleaning company that you are impressed with, research goes a long way into helping you take the right calls. It makes you more confident in your decisions and lets you take charge of your end of lease cleaning.

7. Hire end of lease cleaners

What could be easier than this? End of lease cleaners in Melbourne and other major cities in Australia are readily available throughout the year. The demand is higher during the holidays when people generally move and get their houses cleaned, so it is better to book them in advance in order to avoid exorbitant on-season costs.

8. Start small, go big

“Little drops of water make the mighty ocean”. This old adage is true to the core. It is important that you don’t overwhelm yourself with ridiculously big tasks and unrealistic deadlines. Start off small. Maybe start removing the curtains from everywhere for the time being. Or you could begin by treating the stains on the furniture upholstery. Give yourself time to really get into the mindset of an end of lease cleaner!

9. Stress is your enemy

The more you get stressed, the more ineffective your bond cleaning or end of lease cleaning will be. Stress is your number one enemy. Ensure that you keep yourself hydrated all along the process. House cleaning, especially move out cleaning really takes a toll on the body and mind if you don’t take care of your body. Give yourself a break often. Call in your family and friends to help you out in case you don’t want to do it alone.


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