5 Best Places to visit in Great Falls

Great Falls has numerous mesmerizing places to watch. The city offers an idyllic station to step into to explore a beach-enclosed destination. Great Falls is famous for housing an electric water park, and tons of historical monuments to discover! From stunning beaches to indoor attractions, the Great Falls can be explore well within 1 week.

People also prefer a short trip or for some long weekends, but we are certain that this city of Great Falls never fails to impress. The city of Great Falls is settled in Montana, the United States.

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List of 5 Best Places to visit in Great Falls

1. Electric City Water Park

Great Falls houses the Electric City Water Park which is a pleasant area to watch out for the collection of swimming pools and water slides. Step into this water park which is made intended to provide amusement for both kids and adults. You can come here to get relax from the summer heat in the Great Falls area. People also come here to explore the Flow Rider with the Wave Machine through surfing.

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2. Holiday Village Mall

Holiday Village Mall in Great Falls offers a happening place for those looking for shopping. Hop into this much-loved destination that can be come to via 10th Avenue South, discover near the 9th Street South in Great Falls Montana. Go shopping or eat from top-rated eateries available here!

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3. Great Falls and Ryan Dam

Ryan Dam in Great Falls offers a stunning place in the Great Falls. Watch out for the dam that is nearly 20 minutes east of the city. You can capture the river trail extending the entire way offering a beautiful drive to enjoy Ryan Island Park. Ryan Dam also allows to sightsee the best views with a park on Ryan Dam Road and permits to walk across a suspension bridge.

4. Morony Dam and Sulphur Springs

Great Falls is famous for housing the Morony (MOH-roe-nee) Dam which is located northeast of Great Falls. Being an important site, this spring is on the Corps of Discovery’s expedition. Watch out for the 16 miles dam on the Sulphur Springs Trail and collect mesmerizing Sacagawea who fell ill during the Corps’ portage ordeal.

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5. Milwaukee Station

A stunning building in Great Falls is the Milwaukee Station which is worth watching. Enjoy regimented and pleasant buildings that are worth visiting. You can have unlimited numbers of pictures in this area. Adore the beautiful lobby and the bridge next to it.

Great Falls is filled with so many locations to watch. Catch the Allegiant Airlines Tickets to have a pleasant knowledge of this city.

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