10 Reasons to Use an Ethical SEO Service in UK

10 Reasons to Use an Ethical SEO Service in UK


If you’re thinking of hiring an SEO service in the UK, there are a few things to consider. First, you want to ensure that the service you choose is reputable and known to provide ethical SEO practices that won’t get your site penalized by search engines and blacklisted from future listings or promotions. The good news is, there are plenty of services out there that can help your website reach the first page of search engine results with both quick and long-term solutions. You just have to know which ones are legitimate and which ones aren’t – and that’s where this guide can help.


1) SEOs change your code

SEOs do not want their clients’ websites to be penalized by Google. That’s why SEOs will change your code and add tags for search engines. This is called ethical SEO, or white hat SEO. But there are other ways that some unethical SEO services uk will boost rankings. They might employ black hat techniques, like keyword stuffing or hidden text on your page and cloaking, which makes it so that a user has to click on a different link than they think they clicked on. Clients who use these techniques risk getting punished by Google and can have their site banned from their index.


2) SEOs use cloaking

The first reason people use our SEO service is that we are not cloaking. Cloaking is when you show one URL to search engines and a different URL to your visitors. If you use cloaking, Google will penalize your site for spamming, which means your site’s rankings could go down. We don’t do that, so you can feel safe using us. Second, we don’t use black hat techniques like keyword stuffing or using hidden text on a page. These techniques can get your site penalized by Google and also hurt user experience. We just focus on providing high-quality content and making sure it ranks for the right keywords so that people who need what we offer to find us faster.


3) SEOs never speak to you on the phone

The SEO community is divided on whether or not link building is ethical. SEOs against it may have a point, but only if they do it ethically.

A link network is a group of websites that share reciprocal links. Link networks can be good because they help provide more incoming links to your site and give you some backlinks which will improve your site’s rank.


4) SEOs use link networks

SEOs use link networks for a variety of reasons. You must know what your SEO is doing when they create these links, so you know what you are getting into and can understand their methods. Link networks are used for tracking site rankings, gaining backlinks, and getting higher rankings on search engines by boosting on-page optimization and by creating more content.

It’s not uncommon for a link network to contain anywhere from 1,000-5,000 sites and some even have up to 20 million sites! The size of these networks makes it possible for a single website to rank better than another that has better content but fewer backlinks because their competitor might be using one of these networks.


5) They build spammy sites

A spammy site is anything that tries to trick a search engine by using techniques like keyword stuffing or overuse of H1 tags. These techniques are not only unethical, but they are also against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and can result in a penalty for your site.


6) They build too many links

Building a large number of links over a short period may result in Google penalizing your site. This is because Google wants to rank sites that are popular and trusted, rather than those with ‘dodgy’ link schemes.


7) They sell all your link juice

Most people think of link-building as a way to get other sites to mention your site. However, not all links are created equal. Buying links is one way many unethical businesses try to rank higher on Google and other search engines. If you buy a link from another site, they sell all of their link juice (i.e., their backlink) without sharing any value with you. This means that you’ll likely see no benefit from having purchased the link.


8) They charge lots of money and deliver little results

  • 1 . They charge lots of money and deliver little results.
  • 2. They don’t care about your business as much as they do about their own.
  • 3. They’ll spam your website with links, even if you ask them not to
  • 4. They’ll do shady things like redirecting users from your site
  • 5. And they won’t tell you how they’re manipulating search engine rankings
  • 6.   It’s against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines


9) They keep their clients uninformed about rankings

This can be a big problem as Google’s algorithm is constantly changing and it’s important for your business not only to rank well but also to stay ranked. A reputable, ethical company will keep you up-to-date on any changes that could affect your rankings, providing you with valuable information about what you should do next.


10) Google penalizes them

If you have been using black-hat techniques, Google will penalize your site, and it may even be removed from the index. Ethical SEO services in UK will only use what Google considers link networks. This means that you will not rank for any search terms and no one can find your site. Additionally, if you have been using black-hat techniques, chances are that your competitors know what you have done and they may be using those same techniques against you. If they are, it is unlikely that they will stop because they also want to rank higher than their competitors.

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