Is Austin a Cheap City to Live for Students?

Austin, a fabulous city in the United States of America, attracts a large number of students every year. The University of Texas at Austin and other institutions in this city provide excellent education to both international and domestic students.

When students decide to take admission in Austin, a major question occurs in the minds of many of them whether Austin is a cheap city to live in for students. As a matter of fact, reliable sources do not confirm Austin as a cheap city and according to some sources, it is one of the most expensive cities to live in Texas. However, this city is cheaper than many other cities in the USA.

Besides, if we talk about student accommodation Austin, we find that accommodations for students are available here in different price ranges. So, accommodations in Austin can be afforded by students with different budgets.

Rent of Accommodations in Austin

The rent of accommodation is the aspect that can make the cost of living in Austin for you cheaper to some extent.

If you rent accommodation in a student housing complex in Austin, the price starts from $999 per month for you. You can get accommodation up to the price of $1395 per month. In these housing complexes, you find student apartments Austin. You can book your personal bedrooms in these apartments and can find shared living rooms and kitchens.

Bathrooms in these apartments can either be shared or private for students. It means students may get private bathrooms attached to their bedrooms. If they don’t find bathrooms attached to their student rooms Austin. They get shared bathrooms in other parts of the apartments.

Students can choose from a variety of affordable housing alternatives in Austin. Although it’s not the cheapest, you can discover affordable lodging, food, and entertainment options with some research and planning. For students from various financial situations, Austin is a viable and fascinating place to call home because of its distinctive culture and opportunities.

Book Accommodation in a Private Apartment to Get Accommodation in Austin at Much Cheaper Prices

You can get accommodation at much cheaper rates if you decide to rent it in a private apartment. Private apartments are the usual apartments but they are also rented a lot by international students in the present scenario.

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The rent of accommodation in a private apartment in Austin starts from $695 per month. Besides, you can get a place to stay in a private apartment at $775, $810, $820, $825, $860, etc. on a per month basis. You can book accommodation at the highest price of $5115 per month in a private apartment in Austin.

Final Thoughts

You can save money in Austin in many other ways. You can get student discounts at many places in Austin. Moreover, if you choose to cook meals in the kitchen of your accommodation. You will be able to save much more money that you may have to spend in restaurants. Besides, in some accommodations, you may also find the option to share rooms with roommates. In that case, the rent is equally split among all the roommates.

To get accommodation in student housing or private apartments at your desired prices, you can visit the websites or mobile apps of online student apartment in Austin service platforms.


My name is Ava rose, and I work as a web developer for the University Living Organisation in US. You can easily rent the property at very affordable prices in the student housing, which provides international student accommodation Seattle.

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