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There are numerous weekend getaways to Bangalore If you’re looking to switch up the scenery and bring some variety to your daily routine. Go to these stunning destinations to unwind and forget about your troubles and everyday routine. Bangalore is an amazing city that is filled with places to travel for all kinds of travelers From cities with beautiful beaches to picturesque hill stations where you can take part in numerous activities. It is also possible to go on a weekend getaway in Delhi.

They are also brimming with important architectural, religious, and historical sites. The greatest aspect about weekend getaways near Bangalore is the fact that they can reach them without having to make an extended journey since they are within a short distance.


You can find the perfect holiday, no matter if you’d like to relax in the sunshine or the woods, or If you’re looking to get active. There are many options for those who love mountains in hill towns such as Coonoor, Coorg, Munnar, and many more. Goa along with Mangalore are two great choices for those who love the ocean.

Take a look! There’s almost everything in the Bangalore region to satisfy the desire for adventure in you From forts and palaces hills, and lakes to hills and waterfalls. Bangalore residents are blessed to have so many different travel choices. Here’s an overview of the best places in Bangalore to explore in a day:

1. Chikballapur

This is among the most popular and convenient one-day picnic spots near Bangalore. The area is famous for hiking, trekking, and exploring the natural beauty. You can climb a rock and explore the temples nearby. It’s one of the most popular destinations for one-day trips from Bangalore. Popular for rock climbing and sightseeing

2. Savandurga

Savandurga is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bangalore and is an excellent option for a day trip to Bangalore. It is believed to be the biggest mountain made of monoliths in Asia. Tourists who visit here to see the temples located at the foothills think that the Savandurga mountains are among the most scenic spots to visit close to Bangalore within 100 kilometers. famous for rock climbing and trekking

Love traveling? Then you can also Weekend getaway from Delhi.

3. Hills of Nandi

The most well-known day trips near Bangalore include a trip going to Nandi Hills or Nandidurg. It is a popular trek in the hill fortress of historical significance. The stunning Nandi (the bull) statue inside Yoganandeeshwara Temple gave rise to the town’s name. From the top of the hill, you can enjoy the beautiful sunrise, and also travel to other destinations such as Muddenahalli as well as Amrita Sarovar. Hills, trekking, and sunrises are all well-known.

4. Avani

Avani is a small village located in Avani, a small village in the Kolar District of Karnataka and is known as the most popular place for climbing rocks. In addition to the above-mentioned adventure sports, Avani is renowned for its temple on the hill that honors the goddess Sita. Unexpectedly, it is among the top tourist destinations near Bangalore. Famous for temples and rock climbing

5. Channapatna

Channapatna ought to be one of the places to go in Bangalore with children If you’re thinking about the best places to go. The town is famous for the colorful wooden toys that have earned it the title “Toy Land of Karnataka.” Famous for temples and toys


6. National Park of Bannerghatta

Bannerghatta National Park, one of the most sought-after tourist spots close to Bangalore is a biodiversity reserve that includes a pet corner, an animal zoo Butterfly enclosures, an animal rescue center Safari park, as well as a snake house. Additionally, Bannerghatta, which is one of the top destinations to visit close to Bangalore attracts visitors with its historical temples and is a popular destination for walking and hiking. Known for their natural beauty and wildlife

7. Kotilingeshwara

It is not just Kotilingeshwara an important religious spot close to Bangalore however, it also is a singular temple. If you look at the hundreds of Lingas in this temple you’ll be amazed and in awe. The temple also houses the 35-foot tall Nandi and a tall 108-foot Shiva Linga, which makes it one of the largest on the planet. It is common for people to travel all day to the temple to pray to God. The area between Bangarapet between Bangarapet and Bethamangala, in the Kammasandra village, is where you can locate the temple. It is a must at the top of your list if are in the vicinity of Bangalore. Known for: A place for worship 97 miles separate you from Bangalore.

8. Talakadu

Talakadu is one of the most popular places to explore in the daytime near Bangalore because Talakadu is a popular destination for tourists. After all, the River Kaveri flows alongside this town. The town, situated amid diverse cultural traditions, is famous due to its numerous temples especially the dedicated to Lord Shiva, the Vaidyanatheshwara Temple. These temples, as well as others, are listed in Panchalinga Darshana. These temples were uncovered from the sand and are visited by a lot of followers. Temples are famous.

Are you impressed by the article? Share it! Are you awestruck by these places? One of the great benefits of living in the city of Bangalore is the fact that there are plenty of wonderful places to go to. Take a trip to Bangalore immediately to enjoy an exhilarating escape in one of the most fashionable cities.

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